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Code of Talent is an award-winning microlearning platform that really works.


Why choose Code of Talent?

Code of Talent is easy to use

How does Code of Talent work?

Follow the five steps from the project roadmap and create the checklist for your successful learning journeys


Get Started

Choose a training topic that you already have content for or one that you are knowledgeable about and get started with creating microlearning digital missions instead of pen-and-paper assignments and quizes. Align your knowledge base to today's trends in learning and start shaping the future experiences that your learners will love.


Understand your participants by answering three simple key questions: what their goal is, what they need to know and what they need to do in order to achive that goal. Doing this will help you uncover their expectations and identify areas for improvement, where your learning programs can maximize impact and ROI. In order to take the right actions and make possible the application of knowledge to actual situations, the engagement of line managers and supervisors in the process is recommended.


Here comes the fun part - doing the work. It only takes you 30 minutes to configure the microlearning journey and set up the missions, focusing on developing learning experiences based on your customers needs and wishes. Choose from the 8 types of missions available in Code of Talent which accomodate all learning styles, feel free to customize and create an interactive, gamified and diverse learning journey, that trains the habit of self-development on a daily basis.


When it comes to implementation, you can count on Code of Talent - it operates as a personal advisor, ensuring you a productive and effortless experience. It helps you keep focus on your objectives, while providing online assistance, continuous feedback and evaluation, so you can lead your projects to success.


Generate reports, visualize achievements and share it with your stakeholders. Involve line managers or supervisors in observing and measuring behavioral change. Benefit from the results of the learning journeys and boost your business through innovative solutions.

Code of Talent makes learning engaging and effective

We help your learners turn knowing into doing

Modern learning and mobility

Microlearning journeys with three to seven-minute long learning missions that save time and expense. A self-paced learning journey that can be delivered anywhere at any time.

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Collaborative, Peer To Peer Learning

Accelerate participants’ learning curve through peer interaction. Reach a larger audience with over 15 languages available.

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100% Customizable & Secure

Personalize every step of the learning journey with Code of Talent magic tools. Engage all relevant stakeholders in the process. Ensure the highest levels of security and data privacy.

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Drive Employee Engagement and Accelerate Learning

Motivate learners and drive their engagement through a gamified interface. Evaluate and give feedback to your employees or class.

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Real-Time Reporting and Analytics to Measure Business Impact

Track and measure a full set of KPIs to understand your users’ learning engagement and performance to prove your ROI.

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Why our clients love Code of Talent

Code of Talent provided us with the opportunity to identify new areas of development and to capitalize on them, in order to become more effective and efficient in an extremely competitive market. It has proven to be a perfectly fitting solution in relation to the dynamics of our business, which responded to the need of connecting our strategic goals with the market execution, in real-time.
Senior Talent Acquisition & Identification Manager
Coca-Cola HBC Romania
Code of Talent helps us, our trainers, consultants and clients keep the engagement level of all learners high. Learners report a better focus on the topics and also a deeper anchoring of the learned topics, which supports greater sustainability of any learning initiative. The social and gamified aspect of Code of Talent provides an additional fun factor and users enjoy this part a lot. Code of Talent helps provide long lasting learning solutions with an extra fun factor. The business impact is significant especially in today’s world, where sustainability and measurable ROI from learning is a must.
Door International
We have chosen Code of Talent because it enables us to transform our L&D approach into one that is agile, participant-centric and results generating. Learning must no longer be just about ticking the box in an e-learning system or in a classroom setting, it must be about helping employees change behavior and apply knowledge in order to create tangible value in their jobs. And this is exactly what Code of Talent does.
Executive Director - HR & CEX Leadership
OTP Bank Romania
Code of Talent helps us increase the impact of our workshops and training sessions by allowing our trainers and consultants to keep the trainees engaged and focused on learning for 30 more days, in a social, gamified and assisted environment. In the same time, it allows us to maximize the ROI by being able to offer our customers a proof of learning assimilation and our delegates an environment where they can put in practice what they learned.
Human Development Solutions DMCC

Start using Code of Talent today

Start using the Code of Talent today to help your employees learn and apply fast in dynamic business environments with minimum training time, minimum costs, and on the job live impact.

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