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Code of Talent makes learning fun, engaging, and measurable by combining modern learning & mobility with collaborative peer to peer learning, gamification, customization, and real-time reporting & analytics. Learn more about Code of Talent features and how they bridge the gap between the learning process and desired behavior change for business impact.

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Modern learning & mobility

Modern learning is needed to better equip employees with the knowledge and skills they need to do their job. Microlearning is a modern online learning method that improves learners’ retention and efficiency through content precision, flexible modules, interactive learning, and faster delivery of learning. Code of Talent allows you to design and deliver 100% custom-built digital microlearning journeys to your teams while allowing employees to learn at their own pace anywhere and at any time.


Microlearning is one of the most effective forms of learning and training for the modern learner’s needs. It improves their retention and efficiency by providing training in compact and small learning modules that are easy to understand and process.

With Code of Talent, you can design microlearning journeys with three to seven-minute long learning missions that save time and expense.

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Allow your employees to be the drivers of their own journey. They will experience a self-paced learning journey anywhere at any time, even while performing their daily job. Regardless of the devices that are accessed, our platform will offer an amazing engaging learning experience.

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Collaborative, peer-to-peer learning

Collaborative learning—whether it occurs in large groups or peer-to-peer—allows learners to teach and learn from each other, which broadens their viewpoints and promotes meaningful interactions between them. Code of Talent ensures this by facilitating collaborative, peer-to-peer learning through social features and multi-language capabilities

Social learning features

Allow participants to accelerate their learning curve through peer interaction. Allow them to: see each other’s results or responses; give feedback within the platform to other colleagues; encourage peers to finish their journey by giving incentives such as badges or medals.

In short, our platform’s social learning features allow you to build a culture of positive feedback and appreciation among your teams.


With 18 languages available and counting, you can reach a larger audience and address your teams globally in their native languages.

Drive employee engagement and accelerate learning

Gamification and expert feedback & evaluation are two proven ways of driving employee engagement and accelerating learning. In the current digital age, where applicants and employees are increasingly engaged with technology, gamification can prove to be an inexpensive, productive, and encouraging way to train employees. Code of Talent helps to encourage desired behavior change through gamification and the ability to evaluate and give feedback to employees.


Motivate learners and drive their engagement through a gamified interface. You will create their learning journey, and each mission completed will bring them closer to completion.

They will have a sense of progress and achievement without ever feeling they are being forced to learn. You can choose to reward the learners with badges or points while letting them enjoy the ride of a great learning experience.

Accelerated learning and change through expert feedback and evaluation

After each mission or task is completed, you have the opportunity to evaluate and give feedback to your employees or class. Corporate trainers or business managers can stay close to their participants along their journey to ensure that the learning process is running smoothly.

Whether your employees are about to embark on an onboarding process, are initiating a change management program, or are training employees on a new product, you will be 100% with them, offering guidance and feedback.

100% customizable & secure

With Code of Talent you can personalize every step of the learning journey and engage all relevant stakeholders in the process. You can do all this while ensuring the highest level of security and data privacy.

100% customizable

Employees need personalized training so you can use your own content to deliver the learning experiences that they really need. Offering them another e-learning static class is not the way to go. You can customize their journey down to the last detail.

Multiple user roles

Engage all relevant stakeholders in the process by assigning different user roles in the platform. Whether you are an internal corporate trainer, an external trainer, a business manager, or a participant, you will have your own specific user within the platform.

Security and GDPR compliance

Amazon Web Services Europe cloud infrastructure ensures the highest levels of security and data privacy.

Real-time reporting & analytics to measure business impact

As the company is investing in its personnel and has a financial stake in the individual advancement of its team members, training objectives should be consistent with organizational priorities. Code of Talent allows you to track and measure a full set of KPIs to understand your users’ learning engagement and performance to prove your ROI.

Code of Talent offers a high degree of qualitative and quantitative measurement so that the performance indicators of the programs can be constantly monitored. This allows prompt interventions in customizing the programs, even on the go. You will have at your disposal a wide range of indicators that will help you in proving your ROI, at the engagement rate – measured in solved missions, appreciations, comments, etc., the number of active accounts, the daily average of users, the time spent on the platform, and others.

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