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Companies have always wanted to know how they can move learners beyond knowledge retention and actively applying their new knowledge and skills back on the job. We brainstormed using 20 years of experience in B2B businesses, communication, training, and development to come up with an answer. Code of Talent is the result of our endeavors and vision—a digital platform that drives business execution through microlearning. Learn more about how  Code of Talent came to be.

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How did Code of Talent come to be?

Code of Talent was the outcome of our belief in and adherence to the process of continuous evolution. For us, continuous evolution is not just a fluffy phrase but something we have complete trust in. Through research and experience, we have found that the learning habits of people have changed over time, mainly because our evolution—both on an individual level and as part of the human race—depends largely on how and what we learn. Being one step ahead of the game when it comes to the learning process can benefit not just individuals but also companies.

Our leadership team has a proven entrepreneurial track record of building successful businesses as well as significant experience in the area of training and development consulting and technology.  They are accompanied by a core team of experts with substantial experience in:  Marketing, Market Research and Consumer Behavior, Sales and Partnerships, Product Development and Innovation, Software as a Service, New Training Methodologies and Instructional Design, Customer Success , HR & Tech consulting and solutions. The entire team has a combined experience of some 60 years in Learning and Development plus Education technology.

Over a rather short period of time, our company and product have earned numerous awards and accolades among which “Top Mobile Learning LMS platforms in 2020” and “Best employee training LMS platforms in 2020” by eLearningIndustry, “2020 Learning Experience Platforms watchlist” by Training Industry Inc.

Microlearning improves retention and efficiency by providing training in compact and small learning modules that are easy to understand and process. Code of Talent ensures this by allowing corporate trainers and business managers to flexibly design and deliver 100% custom-built digital microlearning journeys to their teams. Additionally, our platform helps employees learn and apply fast, in a very dynamic business environment with minimum training time, minimum costs, and on the job live impact.

We make learning an intuitive experience through our best-in-class service that adds value to the training and makes it more engaging for the participants. We help you transform learning into doing, through various types of interactions within our engaging and motivating platform, based on an easy and intuitive configuration of the journey.

Code Of Talent