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LMS for Compliance

All businesses, regardless of industry, need to conform to certain rules, legislation, standards, and requirements. In short, regulatory compliance needs to be ensured by all companies. However, most compliance training is not engaging enough to motivate employees to learn and register what is being taught.

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Design Compliance Training That Appeals To Your Employees


Design Compliance Training That Appeals To Your Employees

Code of Talent allows you to design compliance training that is appealing to your employees. Learn more about how our microlearning platform can help organizations to ensure successful compliance training

The importance of Compliance trainings

Compliance training can help your company to avoid legal issues and get the following benefits

Improve efficiency

You need to adopt the practices needed to ensure regular regulatory compliance in order to standardize your business operations. You will be able to avoid negative feedback from customers or, worse, a penalty from regulators by being clear to employees about regulations and providing training related to them.

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Boost Employee Confidence

You will allow your employees to be more comfortable in carrying out their work duties by having a compliance training program in place at your organization. Compliance training will allow your employees to know the expectations to meet, the standards to follow, and their obligation towards customers and the organization.

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Improve transparancy

Transparency in an organization will automatically increase with a greater focus on compliance training and enforcement. Compliance breaches are easier to detect when there is a high degree of accountability, and effective corrective steps can be taken accordingly.

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Prevent workspace accidents and avoid penalties

With the right compliance training, you can prevent accidents from happening in the workplace. Additionally, proper compliance training can help you avoid hefty fines that non-compliant organizations are often subjected to.

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Why choose Code of Talent?

  • Engaging for employees

    Code of talent allows you to design compliance training that your employees will find engaging. COT makes learning engaging through gamification and accelerates it through expert feedback &evaluation; this makes it easier and faster to accomplish the desired behavior change.
  • Short bites of info

    Improve employees’ retention and efficiency by providing training in compact and small learning modules that are easy to understand and process.
  • Self-paced

    Allow your employees to be the drivers of their own journey. They will experience a self-paced learning journey anywhere at any time, even while performing their daily job.
  • Collaborative

    Collaborative, peer-to-peer learning allows learners to teach and learn from each other, which broadens their viewpoints and promotes meaningful interactions between them. Code of Talent facilitates collaborative, peer-to-peer learning through social features and multi-language capabilities.
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