What is Code of Talent?
Code of Talent is a microlearning platform that trains the habit of learning and helps learners turn knowing into doing, through gamification, social learning and facilitator feedback.
Is Code of Talent a learning management system (LMS)?
No. Code of Talent is a SaaS (Software as a Service) tool.
How is Code of Talent different from the e-learning tools?
It is a learning environment, allowing interaction with fellow learners and a trainer.
Which operating systems is Code of Talent available for?
Code of Talent is available for the iOS and Android operating systems as a mobile app. For desktop users, we provide a responsive web version, too. Find the links in the main page (Download Now section).
What browsers are supported by Code of Talent?
All browsers are supported, but we recommend using Google Chrome. When using it from a mobile device we recommend downloading our mobile app.
Where is Code of Talent hosted?
The platform is delivered as a SaaS solution being hosted in the Amazon Web Services cloud which provides the highest standards of security, scalability and continuity.
Which languages does Code of Talent support?
We support 12 languages: English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Greek, Japanese, Macedonian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish.
Who creates the content?
You decide - either you do it yourself or outsource it to our instructional design team.
What types of content can Code of Talent use?
Code of Talent relies on a variety of content, including text, presentations, video, infographics, audio.
How is the learning journey structured?
The learning journey is organized in Milestones, which can have one or more Levels, where each Level can have one or more Missions.
As a trainer, can I design my own learning journeys based on my content to best fit my learner is needs?
Yes, Code of Talent is not another platform that offers a one size fit all courses.
As a trainer, can I decide the pace of the microlearning activities?
Yes, you are in full control. And not only you can set the period for each one you can edit anything anytime.
Can participants learn from each other?
Yes. Everytime a participant solves a mission he/she will get access to his/her peers` answers. So, they can comment, like or award a badge.
How many users is Code of Talent suitable for?
There is no technical restriction.
What is your pricing model?
Code of Talent pricing is based on a license fee per user model. Please contact us for details at [email protected]