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One of the most time-intensive of all HR activities is employee onboarding. However, it is also one of the most important HR activities to get right. Personalized onboarding makes onboarding effective by shortening the onboarding process to just a few hours.

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Improve Learning and Engagement for New Employees with Personalized Onboardings


Improve Learning and Engagement for New Employees with Personalized Onboardings

Traditional onboarding is a costly and time-consuming process to get new employees familiar with their jobs and the workings of the company. This can be avoided with personalized onboarding that shortens the process to just a few hours.

Through personalized onboardings, Code Talent allows organizations to onboard new employees seamlessly by making learning easier and more engaging for these fresh recruits.

The importance of Onboarding training

Proper onboarding is vital to the long-term success of every organization. Successful onboarding of employees will lead to greater employee performance and retention. The goal should be to strategically build a staff that grows with the requirement of your company.

Reduce turnover

Other workers are required to fill the gap when an employee quits, exhausting the company’s resources, and time. By investing in efficient onboarding processes, companies can save money, time, and resources. Using a standardized onboarding, organizations experience 50% greater new hire retention.

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Gain a competitive edge

If the employees are not struggling to fill vacancies and manage several tasks at once, they will be able to concentrate solely on the job in front of them. This results in satisfied and more productive employees, which will ultimately allow you to gain an edge over competitors.

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Boost employee engagement

Onboarding is an efficient way to get workers involved right from the start. Not only can proper onboarding create a good first impression of the company, but it can also provide clarity about what each worker is expected to do in their role.

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Shorter learning curve

It usually takes several months for newly recruited employees to achieve maximum efficiency in their jobs. This is a significant amount of time. Proper onboarding reduces this time significantly through a structured framework and easily accessible training materials. This ensures a more effective learning curve.

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Why choose Code of Talent?

  • Engaging

    Code of Talent makes learning engaging through gamification and accelerates it through expert feedback &evaluation; this makes it easier and faster to accomplish the desired behavior change.
  • Cost -effective

    Personalized onboardings with Code of Taolent are a cost-effective way to onboard new employees. Employees need personalized training so you can use your own content to deliver the learning experiences that they really need. Offering them another e-learning static class is not the way to go. You can customize their journey down to the last detail.
  • Feedback and assistance from the direct manager, trainer or HR

    Corporate trainers or business managers can stay close to their participants along their journey to ensure that the learning process is running smoothly. Whether you are about to embark on an onboarding process, are initiating a change management program, or are training employees on a new product, you will be 100% with them, offering guidance and feedback.
  • Analyze the result for each employee

    As the company is investing in its personnel and has a financial stake in the individual advancement of its team members, training objectives should be consistent with organizational priorities. Code of Talent allows you to track and measure a full set of KPIs to understand your users’ learning engagement and performance to prove your ROI.
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