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Jul 23
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What Is the Difference Between eLearning and Microlearning?

Andrei Radu
Andrei Radu
Growth Marketing Manager

You have probably heard the terms eLearning and Microlearning used interchangeably in the past. While the two may seem similar, there are some identifiable differences. While both may be advantageous to your business, choosing the best type of platform for your business can make all the difference.

What exactly are the differences between eLearning and Microlearning?



eLearning, also known as electronic, online, or digital learning, is learning using a computer or other similar technology. Although an online component is not required, today’s eLearning content is typically delivered via the internet, and eLearning has matured alongside the internet.

There is no single approach or type of eLearning. Instead, it can refer to both an academic online learning environment for students, or a smartphone app for people learning a new language. Access to educational materials, online tests, and spaces for groups to discuss learning topics are among its standard features.

eLearning can help businesses save time and money by reducing the need for classroom-based training. It can also help companies track their employees’ learning progress by collecting data and allowing employees to learn from wherever they are, whether travelling for meetings or halfway around the world at a different office.

This method of learning offers:

  • Improved Scalability – the content can be translated and repurposed to include a broader range of knowledge and skills.
  • Higher Employee Retention – Employees are typically more inclined to stay with an employer who invests in their training, mainly because training courses can help you gain life skills but can be very expensive.
  • More In-Depth Information – unlike microlearning, eLearning offers the company the ability to include more in-depth knowledge than small bite-sized chunks.
  • Available as Different Options – eLearning is available in different formats, including – video, text, podcasts and games, to name a few.



Microlearning is a learning model that works best for companies and organisations when training their employees is combined with eLearning capabilities. Custom eLearning provides learners with everything from an entire university course to learning how to use a job-related application.

On the other hand, microlearning provides small learning units to give the employees bite-sized information in the flow of work and apply it right away. As a result, microlearning is hailed as the best training model for organisations because it takes little time to impart critical knowledge while allowing employees to grow daily. Furthermore, microlearning is more concerned with providing skill-based learning in short training modules. In addition, custom eLearning approaches education holistically, from the theoretical to the practical.

What Are the Benefits of Microlearning?

Choosing microlearning for business is an enhanced way to equip employees with all the knowledge they need to do their job efficiently. As a result, more and more companies realise the benefits of microlearning within their employee’s training courses.

The Code of Talent model allows for more flexible modules and interactive training to provide a more custom corporate microlearning experience with a wealth of benefits. Here are the top benefits.


Microlearning pieces of training are less expensive than eLearning courses. When instructional designers create a microlearning system, they cut the time spent on the course by half. This affects the bottom line because more learners receive valuable and concise information that trainers have had more time to polish.

Improved Knowledge Retention

To avoid confusion, microlearning for business courses delivers 1-2 objectives. Furthermore, because the classes are brief, students can return to them as a refresher. The human attention span was 12 seconds in the year 2000. It was only 8.25 seconds in 2015. This makes microlearning more suited to the way people digest information in 2021 than ever before.

Microlearning units are typically self-contained, which means that the information does not need to be found elsewhere. Because learners only need to digest small chunks of information, they can complete the training at their own pace. In addition, employees can reinforce goals little by little and incorporate what they’ve learned into their work each day because microlearning occurs over time. Continue reading for more information about what this might look like.

Development of Productive Team Members

For corporate microlearning, Code of Talent can help you develop highly beneficial and productive team members for your company. Our solution has multiple use cases, just to name a few:

  • Onboarding – It is critical for any organisation to select, onboard, coach effectively, and develop its team members. Onboarding is crucial because it is an employee’s first interaction with your company. Because first impressions are essential, you should make the onboarding process as seamless as possible by tailoring it to the individual involved.
  • Sales Enablement – This is accomplished by hastening the sales organization’s reaction time compared to the competition and meeting the needs of consumers through increased market presence.
  • Business Execution – Learning journeys are designed for critical areas of your organisation. Allow employees to learn while meeting business objectives and changing behaviours for more significant business impact.

It Caters to the Majority of Employees

Millennials, who are first-generation digital natives, will make up half of the workforce. Add into the mix Generation X and the incoming Gen Z workforce who are more confident using digital technology and will adjust accordingly. In addition, they assimilate information better when it is delivered electronically because it is tailored to their specific needs and is available on-demand. Finally, the learning platform is less formal than a traditional classroom. Bite-sized training meets all of the above criteria, making it ideal for providing critical workforce training.

Why Choose Code of Talent’s Platform for Your Organization

Microlearning is the way forward for a customized training process. It offers you the ability to gain measurable insights into how a training program directly benefits your employees and organization. With seamless integration within your digital ecosystem, the Code of Talent platform makes it easier than ever to ensure your employees are getting the training and information they need in a way that works for them and your company.


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