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Feb 3
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What is Microlearning?

Marius Braila
Marius Braila
Head of Product

In a modern, fast-paced work environment, skills development and training can be challenging. Also, with more millennials joining the workforce, trainers and corporate L&D professionals acknowledge that the world is shifting from deep attention to hyper attention. So, organizations are looking for newer and more innovative methods to impart effective training to employees that enable positive outcomes. That is where microlearning and Code of Talent come to the rescue of organizations.

Understanding Microlearning

Microlearning refers to a type of training where content is delivered in small, bite-sized units. These units are designed to help learners understand a large volume of content by learning small chunks at one time.

A typical microlearning session lasts for about three to seven minutes or more, but never more than 20 minutes. Each session is extremely targeted and focuses solely on a particular skill, concept, topic or idea. So, when a learner completes one unit, they learn or acquire one skill. It is the perfect panacea for a world that is deficit in attention and plagued by hectic schedules.

Code of Talent has the expertise to partner with organizations that are seeking to make training and skills development an integral part of their organization. The platform is designed to deliver meaningful units to learners, thereby empowering them. They can instantaneously see results and observe their progress. The small duration, be it self-guided, peer-guided or trainer-guided, allows employees to still meet work-related obligations.

However, research has shown that the human brain forgets 80% of what it has learned in 30 days if the brain does not make an attempt to retain it. That is where microlearning leaves other forms of learning behind. Code of Talent organizes a session in such a manner that allows learners to get back to learning and referencing a few times a week and this helps to reverse the forgetting curve. Also, the platform provides training sessions that are engaging and innovative, making learning into a habit. That benefits the learners as well as the organization.

What Can Microlearning Teach?

The popularity of microlearning is related to the high usage of mobile devices. The trend today is to learn and study on the go. It is unimaginable that learners would spend hours studying a course on their handheld devices. As a result, learning developers are focusing on creating short but informative content. So, microlearning and mobile devices are a match made in heaven.

With the help of microlearning, learners can learn just about anything as long as it can be broken down into small topics and steps. The simplicity it offers enables learners to quickly grasp concepts and ideas and utilize them in their day-to-day work.

Microlearning Best Practices for Organizations

With trainers and L&D professionals being held more accountable for learning outcomes, microlearning is beginning to take a front seat and for good reason. In a corporate environment, microlearning is an effective tool in how-to applications and learning reinforcement.

Using videos, infographics, podcasts, screencasts, flashcards, surveys, quizzes and simple questions, microlearning is breaking barriers and revealing to corporate trainers and L&D professionals that learning can be incorporated into everyday work that employees perform without a hassle. Of course, the key is to keep learning simple and in short bursts so that learners do not get deluged and confused by surfeit information.

To enable the right outcome from microlearning, it is essential to know your audience and their needs. Organizations too should be clear about their needs so that they can be aligned with the requirements of the employees. When this harmony occurs, microlearning achieves its objectives and helps the organization and employees to work in tandem. The Code of Talent platform enables proper synchronization between the needs and requirements of the organization and those of the employees. It helps to fulfill the expectations of all stakeholders in a seamless manner, and the entire learning journey can be mapped to motivate learners and reveal their knowledge enhancement.

Benefitting from Microlearning

Microlearning is an effective and credible method of learning. Organizations should not feel that it is designed for millennials, who have short attention spans, or for substandard learning methodologies that are time- and labor-intensive. On the contrary, microlearning is intelligent learning.

Studies have revealed that learners learn more and can retain what they learn if they study in short and highly focused bursts. When trainers utilize a platform that is able to provide access to different types of learning interactions, such as quiz, idea, story, proof, case study, questions, surveys and points of view and blend them with gamification strategies and spaced repetition, it not only enhances learning but also its retention.

Undoubtedly, microlearning enables organizations to respond faster to new training needs and changing business goals. Since a microlearning course is cheaper to produce, it is an affordable training option for organizations with lean training budgets. It keeps learners engaged, thanks to the different types of interaction without feeling they are undergoing training. Furthermore, learners do not have to focus on text-heavy courses, so they enjoy the casual learning approach that does not take up valuable time from their day-to-day tasks.

Of course, using a specialized microlearning platform, such as the Code of Talent, not only enables faster learning and retention, but it also helps reporting managers to track and measure the training outcomes to ensure a positive return on investment.

The Way Forward for Organization

Microlearning is making a difference in the corporate world that has realized that if it wants to stand out in a crowd, it has to reinvent itself. Code of Talent helps organizations put skills development and learning at the helm using microlearning to impart knowledge and hone skills. It enables trainers and L&D professionals to measure learning outcomes and ensure learners feel motivated through a gamified journey that delivers a variety of content.

Make Code of Talent your L&D partner and make learning and skill development fun, interesting, engaging and result-oriented.


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